PCCOCS: New evidence revealed within criminal file of people illegally migrating in Europe (PHOTO/VIDEO)

The prosecutors and officers of the Prosecutor's Office for fighting against organized criminality and special causes in cooperation with the Information and Security Service officers evolved searches within four criminal groups.

According to a PCCOCS press release posted on Facebook, on April 19, a new stage of the operation took place. They stopped the criminal groups who were illegally migrating to Europe.

Canal was one of the criminal groups specialized in illegal migration, money laundering, goods smuggling, illegally crossing of the border, blackmailing in Moldova and abroad and so on.

The detained persons are aged between 28 and 36. They were specialized in human trafficking. In order to take a person outside the country, they were requesting 2250 USD.

"The suspects have been detained while taking money from somebody", was written in a press release of PCCOCS.

Within the searches, PCCOCS prosecutors and SIS officers seized: special equipment, radio stations of unilateral communication, inflatable boat and so on.

The two detainees have been placed in arrest for 30 days.

If found guilty, they risk between 5 and 7 years behind bars.

The investigation continues.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that last week, 18 persons have been detained by PCCOCS. They are suspect of illegally migration, blackmailing, money laundering, illegally border crossing and so on. 


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