Pavel Filip:'We proved that Moldova is going in right direction"

Romanian Government has transferred the first tranche of the loan agreed with our country. It's about 60 million euro out of the 150 million euro promised. According to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, "this credit is an essential support for balancing the national budget, but it also demonstrates thatMoldova continues to move forward on reforms"

"Moldova received the first tranche of 60 million euro of the refundable loan. I will have the opportunity to thank the staff of Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos for this loan. It came in time for Moldova to continue balancing the national budget.

"It is not only financial support, it's an exercise that proves Moldova continues to move forward on reforms. All commitments were made at the beginning of this year. I'm talking about all measures agreed with the Prime Minister Ciolos about the Roadmap that were accomplished about 90-per-cent. The reasons are absolutely objective. We needed to consult external colleagues. We will continue in the same direction. We have an important mission approved at the beginning and during this year. We must focus on each are. To show people that we focus on real facts" , said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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