Pavel Filip's reactions on painful accusations against administration of two hospitals in Capital

Painful accusations against the administrations of the Municipal Children's Clinical Hospital Nr. 1 and the Chisinau Municipal Clinical Hospital No. 1. In a Facebook post, doctor Mihai Stratulat accuses that doctors in these institutions would make incorrect diagnoses for children just to get money from the National Health Insurance House.

At the Government meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip reacted in this case.

At the meeting of the Cabinet, Prime Minister Pavel Filip asked the Minister of Health, Labor and Social Protection, Svetlana Cebotari, to notify the Prosecutor's Office and the CNA to investigate this case, and if proved, the guilty persons will be criminally investigated. 

"I know the ministry's reaction, you've created a special committee to investigate this case. I want to propose something else to you: first of all, I come to persons who see irregularities, a question appears to me: why it's limited to a Facebook post, anyone who sees breaches needs to inform CNA and state authorities - responsible for this domain. 

I don't want to wait for investigations of this committee. If the doctor did not address, please do this: you should address at CNA and Prosecutor's Office so that they come with clarity because if such statements have been made.

It is certain that these cases are known, and that is what that hypothetical name would have been able to commit such violations. [...] I hardly believe that all doctors admit such violations. If they have made incorrect diagnoses, they will face trial, if false statements are spread, then we also have problem," said Premier Pavel Filip.

CNA deputy head Lidia Chireoglo, at the Cabinet meeting, said the institution was checking after the post and initiated an investigation in this case.

"The CNA Director, Bogdan Zumbreanu, was informed yesterday evening after the post of Dr. Mihai Stratulat appeared on Facebook. This morning, the first indications were given, the investigations were initiated and the CNA will take all actions within the limits of its competency, "said CIA deputy director, Lidia Chireoglo.

Previously, the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection announced in a press release that the institution was checking information related to the post of doctor Mihai Stratulat on Facebook. 

The quality of medical assistance provided to children within the PMSI Municipal Children's Clinical Hospital no. 1 and the Municipal Clinical Hospital no. 1 is to be evaluated by a special committee.

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