Pavel Filip's reaction to Maia Sandu's message over CC President appointment

Former PM Pavel Filip criticized the message of Maia Sandu who was outraged after Socialist Vladimir Țurcan was elected new President of Constitutional Court. 

"PM Maia Sandu (also PAS President) says what's going on is serious and general secretary (PAS member) requests the dismissal of President.  

Dear our colleagues of ACUM, maybe you don't observe anything, but ACUM are at governance now. Ms Prime Minister, you have two judges at the Constitutional Court (at your appointment, not based on competition results)! Other two judges were voted in Parliament by your party!

"It's a serious thing" that President of a governing party allows people (party members) to lead CC, then, shows outraged and discontent with this. 

You didn't like the CNA chief appointment and now, it turns out that the country doesn't go forward but backward. 

This reminds me of a former deputy who said sincerely that "I have my point of view and disagree with her", wrote Pavel Filip. 

Socialist Vladimir Țurcan was elected as President of Constitutional Court by the institution judges. 

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