Pavel Filip's reaction on government refusal to vote pensioner aid

The actual government doesn't draw up any initiatives for people and annuls all projects initiated by PDM, former PM Pavel Filip declared after the cabinet refused to vote for the project on 600-lei aid for people with pension lower than 2000 lei. 

"I think that we no longer need to comment on the new Government's actions. People understand actually. The new power fails to draw up any initiatives for people, however, they annul all projects initiated by PDM just because they belong to PDM. 

They annulled A Doctor For You, A New Life, 600-lei aid for retirees with pensions lower than 2000 lei. The people appreciate these projects. I think the new government is mistakenly annulling all projects that people favor", wrote Pavel Filip on his Facebook. 

PUBLIKA.MD recalls that the Government refused to vote on the project on granting the aid of 600 lei for those who have a pension of less than 2000 lei. This project was initiated by the PDM former president, Vlad Plahotniuc.

Previously, the Filip Government granted 600 lei on Christmas and Easter holidays to about 610,000 people. The Democratic Party has voiced concerns for the people during 3-year governance which concrete facts, projects were pointed to. 




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