Pavel Filip's Government. Two years filled with changes for Republic of Moldova

It has been two years already since Pavel Filip became Prime Minister of Republic of Moldova. His mandate begun in 2016, with the stabilization of the situation from banking system, followed by a nearly 40% economic growth and restored trust from foreign partners.

"All our actions were though and realized based on the idea to bring our country closer to European Union. In this area, we have clear progress, while positive changes are evident" Prime Minister Pavel Filip declared.

In September 2016, Pavel Filip described Moldova as a car that broke down, which the Government must repair and lead toward the European Union. The Government's efforts were repaid last autumn when European officials have agreed to offer macro-financial assistance of 100 million euro. Earlier, a financing program was signed with IMF, worth 179 million US dollars. Romania has also offered 150 million euro to Republic of Moldova.

"For us, not only the money we will receive from European Union are important, but also the attitude and trust we gain with it" Pavel Filip mentioned.

Filip's Government initiated a pension reform, which foresees them being re-evaluated, as the old formula was no longer valid. Already, people who retired in 2001 - 2011 receive more money. A part of them, received more than initially planned, due to increase income in the budget. Following, pensions will be re-evaluated for those who retired to 31st March 2017.

"Each month is being recalculated, individual work is being performed for each person. Some will even receive pensions with an over 50% increase" Minister of Health, Labor and Social Welfare, Stela Grigoraş said.

Pavel Filip did not back down even when local authorities encountered troubles. In June 2017, the Capital gathered tons of waste, after residents from Bubuieci protested against the landfill located near their settlement. After multiple talks with locals, at Prime Minister's initiative, protesters and authorities have come to an agreement and the waste was evacuated.

Recently, the same problem reached Bălți, which swam in waste, after the company that was evacuating trash annulled its contract with the City Hall. After Pavel Filip got involved, multiple carabineers and employees from municipal solid waste management company have evacuated all the waste.

"We wish to thank you, from all of us, for interfering in time and helping. You did not leave us swimming in trash for holidays" a resident said.

While in April 2017, the Government announced general mobilization in the Capital, including of the Army, to remove all traces of the heavy snow which covered the city.

The Government has also pleasantly surprised the citizens by organizing an authentic Christmas Market in Chisinau. Over one million people came to spend their time there and relax, as it is done in European countries.

The past two years were filled with steps to bring closer Transnistria and Moldova. In November 2017, the bridge tying Gura Bâcului and Bâcioc settlements, was reopened. Later, Chisinau and Tiraspol singed an agreement offering ownership to farmers from Dubăsari, whose fields extend over the Dniester river, and recognizing University diplomas from Tiraspol. At the same time, the two sides have also agreed to reconnect their telephone network, while authorities from Transnistria will not not stop wiling pupils from learning Romanian language.

For even more efficiency, the Government itself was reformed. The number of ministers went down from 16 to 9. Recently, after a reshuffle, the institution welcomed seven new members. Also, due to Parliament elections taking place this year, the Government intends to stay away from the topic of elections and concentrate on the problems of citizens.

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