Pavel Filip: We must always be ready to offer citizens comfort, regardless of weather conditions

At today's Government session, Prime Minister Pavel Filip spoke of emergency situations in the cold season of the year, but also how Ministries must prepare for winter in case something arise.

"We've been through many crisis, taking into consideration the snow from April. Let us prepare from time for any situation that might arise. It is important to be ready from this point of view. I ask of the Meteorological Service to keep citizens daily updated with the weather. Ministry of Internal affairs to have technical assistance on stand by, tents for colder days, as well as take all necessary measures. The institutions must be able to function during the cold season. Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure, we learned much from this April. In agreement with the National Energy Regulatory Agency, I urge you to be ready to offer assistance to electricity providers, to not leave people without power. Local authorities must be ready interfere conform all protocols. We all make up the public administration and must offer citizens the necessary comfort, regardless of the weather" Pavel Filip said.

PUBLIKA reminds that this April, the country was set under Orange warning of blizzard. The Capital was completely paralyzed, as trees fell under the weight of snow. Hundreds, even thousand of cars were damaged.


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