Pavel Filip visited World Holocaust Remembrance Center, Yad Vashem

Within the official visit of the Prime Minister, Pavel Filip in Israel, he visited the World Holocaust Remembrance Center "Yad Vashem" from Ierusalim.

The chief of the Executive left an inscription in the book of the museum. In his message, the prime minister brought a homage to the victims of the Holocaust, where he mentioned that the nations should live in peace and such events shouldn't be repeated.

''The remember this event is and will be in the memory of the future generations too. The horrors passed by the Jew nation can't be forgotten. We all had to learn from this lesson of the history'', said Pavel Filip in his message.

The World Holocaust Remembrance Center ''Yad Vashem'' was created by the Israeli authorities in 1953 to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and to document about one of the most dark chapter of the history.

At the ''Yad Vashem'' musem there are objects, relics, a photo gallery, remnants of the Holocaust victims. The filing cabinet ''Everybody has a name'' that contains information about over 6 million Jews who suffered from the Holocaust


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