Pavel Filip visited the farmer from Orhei that requested help from the Government

The young farmer that spilled 1 tone of milk in front of the Capital's City Hall because of the lack of selling it's products space was visited by PM Pavel Filip. The executive chief went to his farm from Pocsesti, Orhei after reaching the depths of despair, called for help from the Government.

The farmer wrote this message on his Facebook page after the local authorities banned commercializing diary products in street cars in the Capital. The farmer's mother which is the business co-owner, said to Pavel Filip that the intermediate price for diary commercializing is too low.

"We are forced to sell the milk by ourselves. The price is too low for selling it to factories. 5 MDL", said Angela Strajescu, the administrator.

Strajescu family started the business 4 years ago after returning from abroad.

"Entrepreneur: We started with 18 cows and in 4 years the number increased.
Pavel Filip: Do you buy or breed them?
Entrepreneur: Both buying and breeding".

Now Strajescu family owns 100 cows of Holstein breed that are ill-resistant and give a lot of milk.

"This breed gives us 50 and 60 liters of milk, in depending how much food we give them. Daily we gain around 1 ton of milk. The milking process is both mechanical and manual", said Angela Strajescu.

The business investment raised to 10 million MDL, including grants from the state.

"A project that coordinates the Ministry of Agriculture is necessary to maintain the balance for us to work and commercialize our products", declared Costel Strajescu.

Pavel Filip declared that he will request solutions for the situation.

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