Pavel Filip urged Ministries and Governmental institutions to use e-procurement platform mTender

Prime Minister Pavel Filip urged Ministries, as well as Governmental institutions to use the e-procurement platform mTender. The announcement was made within the weekly meeting of the Government. Using this e-platform might lead to lessening the expenses for public acquisitions and ensure financial transparency.

"Since 2017 we have assumed an obligation by approving the strategy of this sector, I believe that there is not a single person who has not spoken of public acquisitions, about everything that happens in this field. We have elaborated this form and partially implemented it, as we wished, but today I will speak of the online procurement platform Tender that is already functional.

It was a pilot project for a year, managed by employees of the Finance Ministry, the Ministry itself, as well as other institutions who worked together in 2017, which proved to be very efficient. Of course we lack today the legal framework that would force everyone to use this online platform, but I wish to urge all Governmental institutions to use this e-platform.

Financial transparency is crucial for our activity" Prime Minister said.

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