Pavel Filip to run for PDM presidency

The statement was made by Democrats on its Facebook page. Filip writes that he feels responsible towards the people, and the PDM people are mobilized and ready to fight.

"The energy and confidence of our members and supporters that I have seen in the last few months made me decide to run for president of #PDM. I feel responsible in front of people for the fact that despite the situation we encounter, our members are even more mobilized, they work and they are ready to fight. The Democratic Party of Moldova is a strong party and I think these people deserve to be part of a political team they feel proud of ", Pavel Filip wrote on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, Filip also mentioned that the PDM will have a candidate in Chisinau and Nisporeni. It is about Veaceslav Nedelea, who will run for the 33rd constituency of the Capital and the Democrat Verdeș Ghenadie, who will go to Nisporeni.

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