Pavel Filip to Radu Marian: In order to have results, you need to do something

The current governance has no country developing vision and is destroying all the good deeds made for people. This opinion shares the PDM president Pavel Filip, who wrote on his Facebook page that the people are outraged that the programs started by PDM were stopped.

Also, the official alluded to the recent phrase of an ACUM MP Radu Marian, believing that Moldovan people will have a better life in the next summer. Filip wrote that for a better life you have to do something.

'I heard that we will live better in the next summer.

Dear colleagues, in order to have results, you need to do something. For now, you only destroy and reckon.

The villagers are outraged for stopping the Good Roads project.

We planned to repair at least 1 km per village. Now, you gave them money for only a few meters. This is what happens when you don't have a vision about country's development and only reckon with the opponents', wrote the PDM president on his Facebook page.
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