Pavel Filip: "This week's priority is the renewal of the external financing"

A mission from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), led by Ivanna Vladkova-Hollar, is coming to Chisinau today. The experts have a mandate to initiate the negotiations regarding a possible programme of financial assistance for our country.

The prime minister of Moldova, Pavel Filip, has wrote on the social network Facebook that the IMF visit is a key-moment, being the priority for this week and the next week.

“This week will start a key visit of the IMF mission to Chisinau: we will work together with the IMF colleagues for an agreement which will retake the external financing of the country. This is the priority of this week and the next week, being discussed the efforts of the last months. We have initiated key-reforms in the first 6 months, and we will continue the reforms this year and the following ones.

Aside from the IMF mission, other priorities on my agenda are the discussion with the civil society, the action for improving the economic situation together with the Foreign Investors Association, and the analysis of the progress from the draft within the Governmental Committee for European Integration. This week I will also go throughout the country to find, together with villagers, optimal solutions to their communities’ problems” wrote the prime minister.

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