Pavel Filip: The only result of the referendum proposed by Igor Dodon is a campaign on public money for PSRM

Prime Minister Pavel Filip came up with a response to the announcement made by President Igor Dodon on PSRM intention to hold a referendum to cancel the "billion law". Filip said that Socialists initiative is "a mistake and the only effect of such action could be that PSRM to find a pretext to campaigning on public money."

"The announcement made by President Igor Dodon about a possible referendum initiated by PSRM on the law which has converted the emergency loans granted in three banks into public debt, is a false issue.

I'll explain why:

1. First of all the Article 147 of the Election Code stipulates that republican referendums can not be held just like referendums on tax and budget issues.

2. Even if such a referendum would be legal, it does not make sense that this law can not be undone, it is a law that has already produced legal effect, is consumed.

3. This law is part of the package that led to the signing of the IMF agreement, If it would be reviewed then this mechanism would automatically put into question the agreement.

4. The President knows very well that an amount of public debt has been already partially recovered and to be recovered in full, so citizens will not be in a position to pay this money.

In these circumstances, I believe that the initiative to trigger a referendum on the issue, which would require enormous expenditures of the state budget, money that will not be recovered ever, is a mistake and the only effect of such action could be that PSRM wants a pretext for a campaign on public money", writes Pavel Filip on social media. 

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