Pavel Filip: The faster the Government approves First House 2 program, the faster beneficiaries will acquire a home

Prime Minister Pavel Filip declared at the beginning of today's Government meeting that through the First House 2 Program, the state will pay half of the mortgage loan, while public servants will only have to pay the second half plus interest rates, while the faster the program is approve, the faster the beneficiaries can purchase a house.

"I urge my colleagues from the Ministry of Finance. We have offered for debates the development of First House program, namely the so-called First House 2, meant for public servants. Therefore, those who will wish to purchase a house using the First House program will be compensated half of the costs.

Such loans will be offered for 25 years and if the financial capacity will be increased this program, as well as other programs will develop. I urge for the debates to be held as soon as possible, so that the project can soon be approved at the Government. The faster we can approve the project, the faster those who wish to purchase their first house will be able benefit from the program. Eligible people are only those that worked for at least one year for state institutions and are paid from Republic of Moldova's state budget" Pavel Filip said.

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