Pavel Filip: The anti-propaganda law was never meant to be anti-Russian, but pro-Moldovan

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has commented the declarations made by Russia's State Duma, regarding the initiative approved by the Parliament from Chisinau, claiming that the anti-propaganda law is not anti-Russian, but is pro-Moldovan, meant to secure the informational space from our country.

Prime Minister Pavel Filip believes that the declarations made by the State Duma will not benefit the relations between Chisinau and Moscow.

"This anti-propaganda law, which was approved by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova, is not against Russia, but is for Moldova. Republic of Moldova must make its informational zone secure" Prime Minister Pavel Filip declared.

Chief of the Executive claims that this law's importance was once again proven, after the latest reportage of Russian journalist, Irada Zeinalova about Republic of Moldova appeared.

"I do not believe you loved how Republic of Moldova was shown there, it does not take much to understand that it was misrepresented, namely the exports. I was surprised to hear that 80% of Republic of Moldova's exports head to Russia" Prime Minister declared.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, in January - November 2017, 66% of exports from Republic of Moldova headed to European Union, while another 19.5% to Commonwealth of Independent States.

The Parliament from Chisinau has voted for the anti-propaganda law in the first and second hearing at the beginning of December 2017. The document aims to combat foreign propaganda, spread through broadcast.

The law solely bans informative, analytical and military programs.

Furthermore, State Duma located in Moscow approved a declaration claiming that the anti-propaganda law from Moldova represents a new attack against Russia and breaches the international law of the freedom of information.

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