Pavel Filip: Some pensions will increase twice. We have to give people more if they have worked harder

Surprise for some retirees. Pavel Filip said that people who have worked harder should receive a higher pension.

"It will be a record date to come up with the draft Budget Law in November, but we have rushed as long as Parliament is in place to be able to approve the Budget Law.

It is a budget focused on annual investments, which will ensure the continuation of projects started by the infrastructure. It is a project based on increasing the incomes of the population.

Also today, we will approve changes to recalculate the pensions of those who work after entering the system. From 1 January, those who worked 15 years after joining the scheme will be recalculated.

It will be a pleasant surprise, some pensions can double. It is right to give people more if they have worked harder, "said Premier Pavel Filip.

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