Pavel Filip signed a decree to announce snap elections for September 6

Interim President Pavel Filip has signed a decree to announce early elections for September 6. 

"The Constitutional Court has determined today that the president refuses to fulfill his attributions which violates the Constitution. Constitutional Court has suspended his function. It's not the first time. It becomes a tradition for Igor Dodon to violate the Constitution. A decree has been signed to establish snap elections on September 6 so that we will manage to prepare a transparent objective elections", said Pavel Filip. 

The official also said that Democratic Party didn't want the snap elections and the party was the first one to propose dialogue and came up with offers between parties. 

"There are no other solutions following crisis triggered between PSRM and ACUM. Political class is compromised. No governing alliance has been created in three months. Some parties decided to fight for functions, not for people. It's normal that people are the ones who decide who should become deputies", said Pavel Filip. 

Pavel Filip also make an appeal to Igor Dodon. 

"This appeal is for Igor Dodon. His dismissal is absolutely necessary because the whole country have  seen how he is ready to betray the country and PSRM is financed by Russia. He needs to assume the responsibility for his betrayal". 

Finally, Pavel Filip urged the people to remain clam. 

"I urge the politicians not to react by forces against this decision. Let's hold the snap elections."






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