Pavel Filip: Seems like Internet Providers are not the only ones that idle

During today's Government meeting, Prime Minister Pavel Filip spoke about the malfunction and bad quality of services from Moldova, which displeases the citizens. Among them counted the cell phone operators, namely their Internet that is so widely promoted and advertised but doesn't deliver.

"I have already addressed several times and demanded an explanation from ANRCET. As I have recieved a formal answer a few days ago, I wish to speak on this matter. Many times I had to deal with broken Internet while moving around the country. We have an institution called ANRCET, responsible to monitor the activity of such companies. They told me that a group must be established in order to examine the case. Apparently they forgot that I was responsible for this institution for the past 5 years and know how it works. Seems like not only do we have operators that don't deliver their promise, but also institutions that don't do their job. The area that the Internet covers has to be according to the license, to make sure clients receive quality products they paid for. I ask the institution to stop writing formal letter, but do something about it."

Multiple people complain on social networks that their operators are not providing quality services.

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