Pavel Filip requests the state institutions to remove snow from the yards and roofs of their buildings

The prime minister Pavel Filip signed an arrangement according to which he requests the state institutions to remove the snow and the icicles from the yard of their buildings. The authorities are urged to provide the security of the stuff who is involved in this work.

At the same time, the prime minister requested the public administration to inform the leaders of the public institutions and the economic agents about the necessity to remove the snow from the roofs of the buildings.

In the context of the Yellow Snow Code that entered into force on January 10, the authorities installed a crisis cell to get rid of the consequences caused by the bad weather conditions. In the past three days, over 1000 snow removal cars and over 2000 workers have been involved to remove the snow. Also, 10 thousand tones of non-skid material have been spread in the whole period.

The crisis cell monitors the situation in the whole country starting today.

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