Pavel Filip requested measures for prevention of respiratory infections

At the beginning of today's meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, Prime Minister Pavel Filip asked the Ministry of Health to report on measures taken to prevent the spread of acute respiratory infections in Moldova.

"Our Commitment is to prevent and prepare for the season, talk about the more frequent cases of infection with influenza. At the same time, I mean the vaccines to be bought in advance in order to face these challenges" , the prime minister said.

According to the information presented by the Minister of Health, Ruxandra Glavan, the flu situation and acute respiratory infections is continuously monitored by the authorities. In Moldova, the first flu case was confirmed on November 18th and over four on December 1st. Internationally, the situation is as stable one.

The lot 200 thousand vaccine was given to Moldova as a donation by a Chinese manufacturer and expects that by the end of this week it will reach the country. Meanwhile, authorities are prepared to begin the process of vaccination next week to prevent the spread of these infections.

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