Pavel Filip participated official opening of DOR Program - "Diaspora, Origins, Returns"

Prime Minister Pavel Filip today participated in the official opening of the fifth edition of the DOR Program - "Diaspora, Origins, Returns", which gathered a hundred diaspora children from 14 countries.

The prime minister welcomed the participants in the summer camp, urging them to spend nice and useful time, making new friends and finding interesting things about their parents' country of origin, traditions and national customs.

"It's very important to know your origins and the country where your parents grew up. We always look forward to you," the prime minister said.

Likewise, Pavel Filip said leaving abroad of Moldovan citizens was a pain, especially conditions to feel good at home had not yet been offered to citizens.

The Head of Government has shown confidence that the Republic of Moldova will continue to develop and ensure good living conditions for its citizens, no matter where they are. 

At the same time, the Prime Minister urged our diaspora citizens to promote the image of the Republic of Moldova and to speak proudly about their native country.

"It is not necessary to praise the authorities in the country, but it is very important to love Moldova. Only together can we make this beautiful country so that we, our children and our grandchildren, will be proud of it," said Pavel Filip.

During the event, participants in the DOR Program presented artistic numbers and talked to the Prime Minister, addressing the most diverse questions: from his professional activity and the country's development prospects to childhood adventures and his hobbies.

More than 400 children from 15 countries have so far participated in the five editions of the DOR Government Program. 100 children from Austria, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Moldova, Spain and Ukraine participate in this year's edition.

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