Pavel Filip participated at public discussion regarding cooperation between Moldova and the US

 Pavel Filip, the prime minister of Moldova attended a public discussion on the prospects for strengthening the Moldovan-American partnership held at the United States Peace Institute, on the evening of yesterday. The event is part of the series of actions aimed to strengthen the democracy and develop the Republic of Moldova.

In his message to the participants of the quorum, the prime minister said that the US remains a valuable partner for our country, and the development of bilateral relations between the two states is an important objective in foreign policy. Referring to the priorities set by the Government internally, Pavel Filip stressed Moldova's integration into the European Union, the reintegration of the country, ensuring the rule of law, as well as sustainable economic growth. In this respect, since 2016 reforms have been launched in the key areas for modernizing the country, as well as a series of measures to stabilize the economic situation.

The prime minister said that three priority directions of development were outlined: infrastructure, education and the rule of law. "Against the backdrop of global challenges, the Republic of Moldova is aware of the challenges it faces and is fully committed to improve the performance of good governance, promoting economic freedom, fostering investment in health and education, the prime minister said.The Premier's speech with the representatives of the US Peace Institute focused on the efforts made by the authorities to maintain the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country and the developments on the Transnistrian dimension. In this respect, the officials stressed the importance of strengthening the dialogue between the Republic of Moldova and the USA in promoting regional and global stability.

"We believe that the Republic of Moldova should not serve as a polygon for geopolitical confrontation and we want to become a cooperation platform that contributes to the regional security framework", the prime minister said.

The discussion was interactive and the forum participants were interested in the realities of the Republic of Moldova and addressed many questions regarding the political situation in our country, the reforms in the field of justice and the central and local public administration, the actions undertaken for the insurance energy security of the Republic of Moldova.

The United States Peace Institute was founded in 1984 at the initiative of the US Congress leaders. Through its work, the institution contributes to promoting global security and stability by providing the necessary assistance and expertise to resolve conflicts.

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