Pavel Filip opened World Congress of Eminescologilor hosted in Chisinau

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has started off the 6th edition of the Word Congress of Eminescologilor.

The event brought together members of the Science Academy of Moldova, teachers, researchers, people of culture and writers from all over the country, as well as abroad.

"The multilateral vision and activity of Eminescu represents both a genuine literary model, as well as civil conduct, morality and a love for one's homeland, all of which are necessary elements of our society" Pavel Filip said.

Prime Minister underlined the importance of studying Mihai Eminescu's works, as they have more than once spoke about the main problems of our society and each and every time, has given us an answers toward salvation.

"I wish to quote some line from Eminescu, which guide me until those days: Nothing can be truly done within an organization without people of science, without experience. We can only reach development through hard work" the Prime Minister stated.

Pavel Filip also mentioned that the 6th edition of the Word Congress of Eminescologilor, is the perfect occasion to commemorate academician Mihai Cimpoi, who just reached the age of 75, for his thoughts, critical opinions and love for Mihai Eminescu's works.

"Mihai Cimpoi is a universal and intelligent man, but most important he is Ours, he is a researcher with big achievements, having an amazing morality, for which we admire him" Pavel Filip declared.

Word Congress of Eminescologilor is organized every year, with the aim of promoting abroad the works of our late writter, Mihai Eminescu. This year the congress will take place on 4th and 5th of September and will include debates regarding the poet's works.

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