Pavel Filip on Moldova's historical debt to Gazprom: It will be deferred for 15 years period

The Historic debt of 500 million dollars of Moldova to Gazprom without the Transnistria will be spread over a period of 15 years. The statement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

According to him, this is provided for in the Memorandum of restructuring arrears, proposed by Chisinau authorities, which could be signed in the shortest time.

"Last year, 2016, Chisinau has honored its obligations for natural gas. They payments were made in the amount of 100 percent. There is a historical debt and will be restructured over a period of 15 years. I have every confidence that in near future, this memorandum will be approved" , said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

On Thursday, the prime minister met with Vice President of Gazprom, Valery Golubev. During the talks, Pavel Filip said that the population of the right bank will not pay the Transnistria's debts for the Russian gas, and this problem must be solved fully by the Transnistrian region administration.

"Too much speculation about this debt. This debt is for the gas consumed Transnistrian region. The debt will be transferred directly to the Tiraspoltransgaz enterprise" ,  said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

In turn, Golubev said that this is possible only if Moldova honors its commitments.

On January 1st, 2017, the debt for gas supplier in the Transnistrian region was of six billion dollars or 88.6 percent of the total debt of "Moldovagaz".
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