Pavel Filip on business environment: Financial capacity needed to solve country's issues

Stimulating the business environment by reducing the pressures from the power bodies with control functions is an important point in the tax reform.

According to Prime Minister Pavel Filip, through the development of the business environment we can solve the other problems: salaries, pensions, the development of road infrastructure, quality medical services. The statements were made at the beginning of the Government meeting.

"Package to develop business environment is complex which we've worked a lot. I want to thank all people who have collaborated to develop it. Another element is pressure on business environment. We've worked on this for one and half years. It's the most awaited project for business environment. Why we have to do this? We wish more social projects. By developing business environment, we can solve other problems: salary, pension, road infrastructure, citizens to stay in the country, qualitative medical services. Financial capacity is the only way to solve these problems which means we have to develop economy", said Head of Cabinet, Pavel Filip. 

Additionally, Pavel Filip asked the representatives of the Ministry of Finance to ensure that the tax reform is carefully implemented.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that, yesterday after the meeting of the ruling coalition, Prime Minister Pavel Filip announced that pressures on economic agents will be reduced and crimes will be released from criminal liability provided that the violation of the payment of the prejudice and the double fine is eliminated.

Similarly, the tax evasion threshold will be increased as a crime from 75,000 lei up to 300,000, and the preventive arrest will be applied in a narrower manner and with very clear rules.

At the same time, according to the prime minister, the SIS's attributions related to the investigation of economic crimes will be limited. Legal liability will be imposed for officials who do not comply with the deadlines or refuse to issue unjustified permissive acts.

According to Pavel Filip, it is proposed to reduce the VAT rate from 20% to 10% to reduce tax evasion in hotel services, restaurants and cafes 

Economic agents in the field with incomes below 1.2 million lei will pay an operating tax of 4% and the others will have to pay an income tax of 12% and will be registered as VAT payers by 10%.

From 1 October 2018, income tax on individuals will be reduced from 18% to 12%. At the same time, the employer's contribution to the state social security budget is to be reduced from 23% to 18% and the personal tax exemption on income tax will be increased to 24 thousand lei.


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