Pavel Filip: No school will be closed anymore. Moreover, schools will be reopened, including school from Donici village

Prime Minister Pavel Filip promised that no school would be closed.

"Schools in the country will be reopened, including primary school in the village of Donici", said the official during a visit to the house - museum "Alexandru Donici".

"We managed to reopen some schools this year and we are still ready to make the biggest investments in education. We have nothing but people, and without education our country has no economic perspective", said the Prime Minister.

The Chief Executive has donated to the Alexandru Donici Museum a set of authentic documents, written by the famous fabulist. Thus, the collection of the museum was enriched with the letters of Alexandru Donici addressed to the public authorities - some of them were provided by the National Archives of Romania and the other by the State Archives Service of the Republic of Moldova. Also, the premier offered a lot of books to the museum library.

At the museum, the prime minister also had a beautiful surprise. Teachers and children organized a saddle with many folk songs and carols.

Pavel Filip thanked them for the warm atmosphere and invited them all to the Christmas Fair organized this year by the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

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