Pavel Filip: NGOs hoped to partake state policy governance

Pavel Filip discussed a project regarding the NGOs in PDM's meeting. 

According to the prime minister, each of project initiated needs to be properly consulted and discussed with civil society. 

"Many non-governmental organizations are left out in the political process, or even politics. In my point of view, NGOs need to be more involved in the monitoring, evaluation and research processes of the policies developed by the state institutions.

"I want non-governmental organizations to be closer to state institutions, to come up with monitoring, evaluation, or even policy appreciation, and why not to be part of this process. I want you not only to evaluate and monitor, but also to be part of the initial process, "said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

Likewise, the prime minister claims that he proposed to the colleagues in the party, namely the majority government, a special budget implementing an institution responsible for the relations with the NGOs.

Paul Filip also stressed on the transparency as well as financial capacity.

"In this context, another parallel initiative is to examine the issues related to the de-bureaucratization of the activity of non-governmental organizations. We are going to come up with improvements such as: reduction of the registration deadline for public associations from 30 days to 10 days, the preparation of acts for enforcing the incorporation or the introduction of amendments from 30 days to 3 months, the exoneration of the payment of contributions by the members of the public associations, the abolition of the territorial restrictions of the public associations, but also other barriers or constraints that we will identify in agreement with colleagues, "added the prime minister.

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