Pavel Filip: Moldovan military will participate in NATO applications to make army stronger

The Moldovan military will further participate in NATO-led drills to make the army stronger, said Premier Pavel Filip, after meeting with secretary general Jens Stoltenberg.

The Prime Minister also commented on President Igor Dodon’s decision to forbid to Moldovan soldiers to attend NATO maneuvers in Romania.

"It’s regrettable. If you are the supreme commander, would you like a strong or a weak army. The moment was overcome and the Moldovan army will participate in those applications, so we can have a well-trained army," said Pavel Filip.

Two months ago, Igor Dodon declined to allow a detachment of Moldovan soldiers to drill in Romania.

Moreover, the head of the state is unhappy with opening a NATO office in Chișinău. Premier Pavel Filip insures the office will be operational in June.

Moldova has cooperated with NATO since declaring its independence in 1991, when this country became a member of the North-Atlantic Cooperation Council.

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