Pavel Filip: Moldova will receive additional support, counting EU financial package

Premier Pavel Filip says that Moldova will receive additional support, including financial assistance from the European Union. 

"There have been several misinterpretations in the media with reference to the macro-financial assistance we have to get from the EU, as we have not met the conditions.

"This year's budget increases have risen by 4 billion lei more compared to last year. In this context, the macro-financial assistance voted in July by the European Parliament is a welcome addition, which we will certainly receive and we don't consider this year. We will receive this assistance next year.

"Moreover, I would like to salute the signal given by the European Union just yesterday. With the resolution adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee in the European Parliament, it was decided that the Eastern Partnership countries have achieved results in the reform process, including Moldova, will receive additional support, including financial support, "Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

PUBLIKA reminds you that Reuters and Agerpres published an article which wrongly quoted Premier Pavel Filip, indicating that Moldova would not receive further financial support because the country did not meet the requirements.   

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