Pavel Filip: Moldova regained the trust in front of external partners

Moldova regained its trust in front of external partners, and the Government benefits from all the support from the American and European officials. This was declared by the prime minister Pavel Filip during the talk-show Fabrika on 27 September 2016.The head of executive also said that during the visit he had in New York, where he had meetings with many officials, he was congratulated for the progresses registered by the governing in a short period of time and was encouraged to continue the implementation of reforms.

“I saw the open doors for Moldova both in the east and in the Euro-Atlantic space. I was satisfied after this visit, because the messages received either from Mrs. Mogherini or Tusk, or Mrs. Nuland were positive and more than positive. They admitted that at the beginning of 2016 they did not believe that we will succeed and they were waiting. They congratulated us and told us to continue in the same pace with the reforms in Moldova” said Pavel Filip.

The prime minister talked during the show about the visit he had two weeks ago in Bishkek, at the reunion of the heads of state of Community of Independent States. There, the head of Executive met the leader from Kremlin, Vladimir Putin, where he discussed the existing problems between the two states and the improvement of the commercial potential and the enhancement of investments.

At the same time, Pavel Filip declared that next week, in Moldova is expected the Russian deputy prime minister, Dmitrii Rogozin, with whom he will also have discussions in this regard:

“All this range of problems accumulated in the relations with Russia, they at least have to be discussed. That is why I had the assurance from the president Putin that we will start these discussions.”

Pavel Filip gave specifications during the show regarding the set of seven laws, presented on 27 September 2016 in the Parliament, for which the Government took the responsibility. The prime minister declared that the laws approved by the Executive will bring transparency in the banking system and are a part of the preconditions of the International Monetary Fund, and the speculations of the opposition, according to which the coverage of frauds in the banking system will be done by the citizens, are lies.

“We cannot talk about a billion dollars which will be returned by citizens. Today we have recovered almost 800 million, emergency loan.  After which are seized goods of 1.2 billion, after which from the commercialization of the actives of the banks we want to obtain 600 million” specified the prime minister.

The prime minister Pavel Filip also said that he will stay away from the electoral campaign, and the Government will make sure that the presidential elections from 30 October 2016 will be correct and transparent.

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