Pavel Filip: Moldova has one and only plan - EU integration

The only one plan of Moldova is to integrate into the European Union, it has been said by Premier Pavel Filip during meeting with European Commissioner for Regional Policy, Corina Creţu.

"We are always open to make friends. Every meeting and this visit of the Commissioner to our country tells us that the relations between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union are becoming more complex and we need an open and constructive dialogue because our relations are quite advanced, "the Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova said.

Additionally, the head of the Executive said that the government will continue to carry out reforms for the benefit of Moldovan citizens.

"We are grateful to the European Commissioner for the way the European officials chose to engage with us, sincerely and constructively, for appreciation and encouragement. I have once again mentioned the Government's firm commitment to implementing the reforms that will provide benefits for the citizens.

We're realistic, we know where we are progressing and where we have backlogs. We have talked about the political and the external dimension.

Moldova has no plans other than the one that is called the EU, and integration into the EU is our basic objective. At the heart of the governance program is the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement with the EU", said Pavel Filip. 

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