Pavel Filip: Moldova can be a great investment destination

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has participated in the event yesterday, February 22nd, organized on the occasion of expiry of the mandate of President Commercial Bank Mobiasbanca, Ridha Teka in Moldova.

In his message, Pave Filip thanked the businessman for the manner in which he has showed integrity and accountability.

"Investments are welcomed in Moldova, and your example proves that our country can be attractive for businesses, a good destination for other investors" , the Prime Minister said.

The head of the Cabinet of Ministers expressed its gratitude for the active involvement of Ridha Teka in the development of the business community in Moldova, including as President of the Foreign Investors Association and vice president of the European Business Association.

"Thank you for the cooperation we have had in the Economic Council. On this platform we managed to discuss many issues facing businesses in Moldova and find solutions together" , concluded Pavel Filip.

In turn, Ridha Teka appreciated the openness and attention with which the business community in Moldova is treated.
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