Pavel Filip met with diaspora: Pensions will be influenced by your employment in Israel

Prime Minister Pavel Filip has met at Tel Aviv with Diaspora representatives who currently reside in Israel and Jewish community who were born in Republic of Moldova.

During the dialogue, the official has discussed of the dialogue to sign with Israel an Agreement for social protection of Moldova's immigrants, working in Israel. Therefore, the years they working abroad will be taken into consideration when calculating pensions. At the same time, Prime Minister has spoken of the reforms the Government promotes, especially the ones meant to improve the business environment, offer new jobs and attract investors in the national economy.

In this context, Pavel Filip urged all diaspora representatives to actively participate in the process of modernizing Republic of Moldova. For this aim, in Diaspora were created Groups of Excellencies, where citizens of Moldova living abroad can directly be implicated in elaborating public policies suggestions and projects that will be further realized in the country. Prime Minister has also said that by making sure that Diaspora participates in the administrative organization of the state, it will expand.

The dialogue was open and interactive. Representatives of diaspora have spoken of the challenges they encounter, among them being receiving the money for they work, finding a legal work place, without the implication of third parties and opening low-cost flights between Republic of Moldova and Israel.

Diaspora's representatives have also shown an interest regarding the latest developments in Republic of Moldova and were ready to contribute to modernizing the country.

Pavel Filip has thanked our citizens residing abroad for promoting the good name of Moldova, for maintaining our culture and traditions and passing it on.

According to the statistics, Israel has around 25 thousand of citizens from Republic of Moldova. Most of them work in construction fields, or are working are caregivers for elders.

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