Pavel Filip met Vice President of EBRD, Alain Pilloux confirming second tranche for railways rehabilitation

Prime Minister Pavel Filip and Vice President of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Alain Pilloux, held a meeting during "Tbilisi Belt and Road Forum 2017". The officials have spoken the the partnership Republic of Moldova has with EBRD and possibilities to consolidate it.

Pavel Filip expressed his gratitude for the support EBRD offered in the implementation of programs to modernize Republic of Moldova. In this context, Prime Minister has mentioned that the Government is now going through a reformation program, including strengthening capacities of authorities, managing external assistance. For this will also be used EBRD's strategy for our country for 2017-2022, which will be approved by the end of November.

The importance of resetting the banking system to ensure better implementation of the new program was also mentioned. Pavel Filip greeted the implication of EBRD in the sector's drainage. Therefore, many banks from Moldova will be also to further be implicated to work with international financial institutions.

During the talks, Prime Minister has also thanked EBRD for the assistance offered for ensuring energy security in the country and supporting rehabilitation and extension of transport infrastructure. Following the aim of connecting Republic of Moldova to Trans-European Transport Networks.
In his turn,EBRD's vice president has confirmed the institution's support in realizing investment projects in our country. Alain Pilloux has also assured that the second tranche of the loan for rehabilitation of railways from Moldova, by the end of this year. The amount borrowed from EBRD and EIB is of 55 million euro. Vice President of EBRD has underlined that it is important to connect Republic of Moldova to Romania's energy system.
Since EBRD begun activity in Republic of Moldova, it financed 117 projects worth over 1.1 billion euro. Now, EBRD is financing projects of 485 million euro. 70% of the sum is offered for infrastructure projects.
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