Pavel Filip met German Ambassador to Chisinau and discussed future relationship between those two countries

The Prime Minister, Pavel Filip had a meeting with Julia Monar, the German Ambassador to Chisinau. The officials analyzed the evolution of implementation the reform agenda of the Government and discussed about the future cooperation between Republic of Moldova and Germany.

The chief of the Executive talked about the priorities of the Ministry Cabinet and about the present situation of the Republic of Moldova. Pavel Filip said the base of all the action is the Association Agreement with European Union.

''I didn't believe that only through declarations or the approve of a law we can be closer to EU, only through reforms. The Government wants to make fundamental changes of the system'', said Pavel Filip.

The Ambassador of Germany to Chisinau talked about the importance of a dialogue on all the levels with the European countries, to assure the visibility of the realization the reforms from the agenda, in Republic of Moldova.

At the same time, Julia Monar accentuated that the efforts to change citizen't way of thinking about the reforms are essential.

The chief of the Executive specified that the economy development is primordial for our country. This permits the increase of the social investments.

''We made big efforts to make a comfortable for business affair surrounding. The investors are not only attracted by the low level of the taxes, but also by the thing that the investment will be secured'', said Pavel Filip.

The German diplomat said:''The political stability is very important for a foreign investor. The elimination of the corruption is very important not only for the funds, but also for the politic prestige of Republic of Moldova.''

The Prime Minister, Pavel Filip showed his gratitude about the constant support offered by Germany to our country. Julia Monar assured that the German support will be continue within the European Union.



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