Pavel Filip: Meat imports from Ukraine are banned to prevent spread of swine fever

The import of animals and of meat products in the same areas of risk, particularly for Ukraine, susceptible to the African swine fever virus was banned at the today's Government's meeting.

"We do not underestimate this danger. Citizens and businesses should understand why it is necessary to prohibit imports of meat in Ukraine" , said Pavel Filip.

Checks on meat products are carried out in all customs points of the country to prevent the spread of swine fever. Cars and people crossing at the border are being checked.

"If there are cases of introduction of products, particularly pigmeat which is swine fever outbreak we propose to people to return the goods back to Ukraine" , said the chief of Soroca customs point, Andrei Scutaru.

People living near the border with Ukraine say they buy meat from the neighboring country because it is cheaper.

Head of Soroca district for Food Safety says that households and businesses have been informed about the dangers of the virus spreading.

"I made a small informative seminar with merchants meat and owners of meat shops, where they were informed of the unpleasant case and about the slaughter of animals and immediately in the presence of a veterinarian" , said Arcadie Revenco, head of the District Department of Food Safety in Soroca.

Not all the villagers heard about the danger of the spread of swine fever. However, some householders say they have their methods to prevent the animal disease.


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