Pavel Filip: Main target of Republic of Moldova is to make European route irreversible

Summit of East Partnership that took place today in Bruxelles passed with success for Republic of Moldova. The declaration belongs to Pavel Filip, the Prime Minister of Moldova, in a press release. According to him, the European aspirations of Moldova were recognized.

"This Summit of East Partnership is a political success for all the participants and especially for Moldova. It proves that European Union is opened to support European aspirations of the associated countries. Taking into consideration the refugee crisis, terrorist attacks, the political change that took place because of the Brexit, European Union goes through hard times now. Anyway, EU doesn't forget about its neighbors from East and West, which is very important for us. We understand that the East partnership is not a way to adhere to the EU, but we pass through a hard period now and we should recognize that. The political messages are important for our society, as it strengthens the trust within the European sector. It is enough for Moldova to oscillate between East and West. The main target of this Govern is to make the European route of Moldova irreversible and we try to do it through reforms. Also, the last surveys prove the popularity of EU raises", said Pavel Filip, the Prime Minister of Moldova.

At the same time, the official specified that Republic of Moldova will receive the first invoice from the EU in the first three months of 2018 year.

"Republic of Moldova needs to fulfill the required reforms to make the living conditions to be the same as in Europe. How about the Agreement, we had a lot of discussions. Besides the 28 conditions that should be fulfilled for receiving 100 million there is another political condition that refers to the fulfilling the democratic conditions in our country. The first invoice will be followed by the fulfilling of the first ten conditions. We should not confuse the assistance with financial support. How about the macrofinancial funding, we added to the budget the first invoice. How about the opponents, I think they are against citizens, not against the Government. Those money are from reforms. FMI found out the positive evolution in the budget evaluation. Also, we already approved the budget for 2018 year. We established the banking system. In Republic of Moldova will come an European bank", added Pavel Filip.


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