Pavel Filip: It pleases me that Pension System Reform bore fruits

67 691 of elders have started receiving bigger pensions starting November 1. The statistics, presented by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, at the Cabinet of Ministers session, shows that elder receive by 232 and 252 lei more than in 2009 - 2011.

While those with disability receive up to 380 more lei per month.

"I have seen that statistics after evaluating pensions on November 1 and it pleases me that there are positive results from this reform. [...] We offer those data to those who criticized the pension system reform. Soon, we will evaluate the remaining years and calculate, based on the new formula, the pensions" Pavel Filip declared.

PUBLIKA  reminds that a new formula for calculating pensions came into force on April 1, when pensions from 2001 - 2008 were recalculated.

For those who retired between 2012 - 2014 the evaluation will be done on April 1 2019. While those who retired between 2015 - 31st March 2017, April 2020.


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