Pavel Filip: It is hard to fight for country's reunion if you don't even know the problems of the people from Transnistria

It is hard to fight for country's reunion if you don't even know the problems of the people from the left bank of the river Nistru. This is the reaction of the interim president of PDM Pavel Filip, to the recent maia Sandu's affirmations, who categorized the demarch of the former Government to remove the Metallurgic Factory from Ribnita from Ukraine's sanctions, as a corruption scheme.

The declaration was made by the Head of the Parliament for Radio Svoboda, on the occasion of her official visit in Kiev.

As a reply, Pavel Filip wrote on his Facebook page that he doesn't know if Maia Sandu ever was on the left bank of the river Nistru and if her new Government's politics are compatible with that region.

More than that, Filip considers that Sandu gave up on the almost 350 000 Moldovan citizens from the Eastern districts of the country.

The Democrat also mentioned that a PM is obliged to defend the rights of the local companies, especially if the Factory from Ribnita is officially registered at the Public Service Agency and has over 2 300 employees. 

On March, when he was still holding the PM position, Pavel Filip sent a letter to the Ukrainian President of that time, Petro Porosenko, in which he requested the exclusion of the Ribnita company from the sanction list.

Two months later, the special OSCE representative Franco Frattini, confirmed within a visit in Chisinau, that he knew about the correspondence and said that the solving of the problem wasn't a gift for the citizens but a Government's debt.

last year, the neighboring state decided to apply sanctions over 700 companies which are cooperating with Moscow, after the Russian federation annexed Crimea and started the Donbass war.
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