Pavel Filip: Independence Day to ensure safety and holiday atmosphere for our citizens

The 26 years of independence of the Republic of Moldova, marked on the 27th of August, will be celebrated with a series of cultural-artistic events, organized both in Chisinau and the suburbs.

For this occasion, Prime Minister Pavel Filip requested the organizers to ensure an atmosphere of holiday and safeness.

“On the 27th of August we will celebrate the Independence Day. The proclamation of independence was the first stepping stone of our country. We all should enjoy this holiday.  Throughout the years, this holiday became the reason for people to gather and celebrate. I will ask, once again, for those responsible for organizing the events dedicated to the Independence Day to ensure the safety and holiday atmosphere for our citizens”, Prime Minister Pavel Filip declared.



PUBLIKA.MD reminds us that, as per tradition, the holiday will begin with flowers being laid down at the monument of “Stefan cel Mare” and the memorial complex “Maica Indurerata”.

At the heart of the capital, on the great assembly square, a cultural- artistic program will take place, including traditional music interprets, fanfare and folk ensembles, as well as traditional dancers.

On the stage will perform such ensembles as “Joc”, “Martisor” and orchestras “Fluieras”, “Academia de Muzica”, “Big Jazz Orchestra”, “Fratii Advahov” etc.

The concert will end with light music performed by both local and international interprets.

On this day, 20 artistic groups of armatures will march in a parade displaying the variety of our traditional clothes, while craftsmen will exhibit their creations in a fair.


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