Pavel Filip: I would like today to be THE LAST SMOKE DAY in public places

Smoking at workplace, inside pubs, restaurants and nightclubs is over. Today is implemented one of the toughest provisions of the anti-smoking law that prohibits smokers to light their cigarettes in public places.

I would like today to be the last smoke day in public places. It is not that difficult for those who smoke to leave smoking. This way all parties will win. They will feel it based on their health. We have to have zero tolerance and to fight with those who are against this law” has declared Pavel Filip at the beginning of the Government meeting session.

According to the law, smokers are not allowed to smoke in farmer’s markets, public transport, including taxi cabs, in stations, parks, on playgrounds, stadiums and during events taking place on the National Assembly Plaza. Even the entrance in blocks of flats is prohibited for smoking.

Altogether cigarettes are prohibited in all places that have three walls and a roof. Smoking is allowed only at open terraces, special locations in open places, placed at least 10 meters from the entrance in a public place, or own living place.

Anti-smoking law has received a lot of indignation from restaurants owners and owners of agreement places. Many of them are expecting their businesses to suffer, the main reason being avoidance of pubs by smokers.

Authorities are still standing for their position, leaving the anti-smoking law provisions still on, and are sure that its benefits will be seen very soon.

The fines for defiance of anti-smoking law are up to 1.400 lei for physical persons and up to 10.000 lei for legal entities.

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