Pavel Filip: I have no intention of becoming City Mayor. All I have done was for citizens

The Cabinet Ministers announced for the press that Prime Minister Pavel Filip does not wish to become the Capital's Mayor and everything the Government has done so far is for the citizens, as many started having the impression that Pavel Filip is preparing to take the office. In his turn, President of Moldovan Parliament,  Andrian Candu joked that the city hall should fall under Government's jurisdiction.

"There are problem all citizens from Republic of Moldova face. I have no intention of taking the post of City Mayor. Many started having ideas, therefore I am sincerely declaring regarding all messages that I am drawing a line at my Governmental responsibilities" Prime Minister announced.

"If we are speaking about the crisis the city faces. We do not intend to make the Prime Minister in City Mayor, but perhaps it will not be a bad idea to hand the City Hall to the Government until the crisis passes" Andrian Candu said.

This spring, Pavel Filip has implicated Government's institutions to evacuate broken branches and trees, resulting after the April disaster, from the Capital. At the beginning of summer, he helped solving the waste issue from Chisinau.

This happened after the city had to live in trash, due to protests from Bubuieci. Prime Minister has also taken an interest in the food stalls from parks all over the city, which the City Hall started evacuating.  

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