Pavel Filip held meeting with George Kent, new Deputy Assistant Secretary, EUROPE, U.S. State Department

The USA is a strategic partner of Moldova.

Pavel Filip prime minister held a meeting with Gerge Kent, the new Deputy Assistant Secretary, EUROPE, U.S. State Department.

The prime minister said mentioned that the relationship with the Republic of Moldova is a strategic one and the US support is very important for us.

Pavel Filip reffered to the actions of the Government to improve the business filed and the banking system. The economic growth reached 5,3 in the second semester of this, as the state budget accumulated two million more than it was supposed to.

Also, in nine months of this year, investments worth 140 million USD have been made. Efforts to fight against corruption, justice reform have been implemented.

The prime minister mentioned that all the problems could be solved by finding compromises.

"Our team has the required capacity and desire to change the things in Moldova", said Pavel Filip.

The American official confirmed the USA support for Moldova. They target to turn Moldova in a successful country. At the same time, George Kent mentioned that the USA will help our country face the challenges.

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