Pavel Filip: Four recent decisions signed by Chisinau and Tiraspol brings hope

During today's Government session, 30 November, Prime Minister Pavel Filip spoke of the four decisions signed at Bender by representatives from Chisinau and Tiraspol. The decision foresees solving social - economic problems on both sides of Dniester.

"The event from last week bring hope, we speak of the signing of the four protocols regarding a number of problems Transnistria faces. To those four decision we must also add the opening of the bridge tying Gura Bâcului and Bâcioc. I wish to express my gratitude toward all colleagues who actively implicated either in the talks regarding cell phone network interconnection, or recognizing diplomas, here it greatly pleases me that we can offer for those who studied in Tiraspol, to continue their studies in European Universities.

At the same time, a painful for us topic was the access of farmers to their own lands. This decision allowed the problem to be solved very fast. Another problem is an emotional sensible one, in the Transnistrian region with teaching on the basis of the Latin script. We came up to an agreement, for the schools to not face any discrimination. We must delight in those progress. I thank one again for the 5+2 format partners, who assured a harmony in those negotiations and in gaining results" Prime Minister Pavel Filip said.

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