Pavel Filip: European integration is in our hands

Pavel Filip stated that the implementation of the European Union Association Agreement was the main topic discussed at the governmental commission for European integration meeting.

The Prime Minister declared that the second half of the year will be tough and requested all Cabinet Ministers to prepare to fulfill the European Union Association Agreement, as well as conditionality of receiving investments.

"We are those who chose to develop Moldova with an European Standard. The European Integration of Moldova is in the Government's hands, it all depends on how well we perform our responsibilities" Pavel Filip underlined.

Within this meeting Minister of External Affairs and European Integration, Andrei Galbur, has states all the following events to take place for deepening the EU- Moldova cooperation, among which counts a meeting of RM-EU association council and EU's Eastern Partnership programme.

Andrei Galbur has also mentioned that reforms are meant to ease the duties of our country within the association agreement and EU programs, as well as its participation in the EU's Eastern Partnership programme meeting, which will take place this fall.

This meeting has analysed the actions already taken for implementing the pledged responsibilities of authorities from Chisinau regarding aviation and energy management.

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