Pavel Filip encourages attendance at Moldova Business Week 2017

Prime Minister Pavel Filip is encouraging businessman, investors and the authorities to participate in the fourth edition of Moldova Business Week 2017.

The PM mentioned that the Government has set an aim of building trust among business development, investment and creating work places. Therefore the Moldova Business Week is bringing together all those factors in order to create a partnership among them.

"I wish this opportunity to be overseen by those who search to expand their business, to have accessible work force and a place in the European market, or simply to to reduce the costs necessary for operation"  Pavel Filip mentioned.

Deputy chief confirmed that Moldova is currently rising in the business world, accessible land is being sold and the environment to create a business improves.

"I believe this event will bring forth new business opportunities and projects in Moldova, both from local companies and international ones. I invite you to discuss all those opportunities ad try to convince you to being to trade, cooperate and develop with the Republic of Moldova" Pavel Filip declared.

The event will take place on 3rd to 6th October, in Chisinau and will be organized by the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the Organization for the Attraction of Investment and Export Promotion of Moldova.

You can register for the Moldova Business Week 2017 on the official website - For more information regarding the event, you can call the MIEPO team on the phone number  (+373 22) 27 36 54, or contact them by their email address

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