Pavel Filip: Emergency medicine system should face reforms as soon as possible

The issues of the emergency medical service from the country were discussed today within a session organized by Pavel Filip prime minister.

The prime minister mentioned that a preliminary analyze of the emergency medicine was made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection. It highlighted many deficiencies: a faulty system of intervention, a busy organigram with too many bosses and an inefficient use of available resources.

Pavel Filip asked the minister of health to make a reform of this system in two weeks.

"The emergency medicine system needs reforms. In the second stage we should make a project of law, that will solve the issues of this system", declared Pavel Filip.

The official also wants to evolve an analyze of the efficiency of the works done in this field in the past three years.

"I want an analyze of the reforms done in this system in the past three years. I want each movement to be explained", said the prime minister.

Now, the emergency medical service is provided by CNAMUP in cooperation with AVIASAN.

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