Pavel Filip: Emergency Medicine System NEEDS AN EMERGENCY to Reform

The problems and deficiencies in the activity of the Pre-hospital emergency medical service in the country were discussed today at a meeting convened by Prime Minister Pavel Filip with the participation of the responsable officials.

The Prime Minister mentioned that a preliminary analysis of the emergency medicine system made by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection revealed several deficiencies: a bad intervention system, a busy organization with too many heads and an inefficient use of the available resources.

Pavel Filip asked the Ministry to develop within 2 weeks a concept of Emergency Service Reform.

"The Emergency Medicine Emergency System needs urgency to reform, and in the next stage you have to come up with a reform project: starting with the structure, the staffing, the number of ambulances, and this reform must be developed and implemented as soon as possible Then we will have savings, but also people satisfied with the services rendered, "said Pavel Filip.

The Prime Minister also made an analysis on the necessity and the efficiency of the repair and construction of the emergency medical units in the country during the last 3 years.

"Separately, I want an analysis on all the substations, all that we have built and invested. Let's see - we did that we had to do or did the money have to be spent inefficiently? the number of people, the location, the need to combine efforts with family medicine, "the Head of the Executive underlined.

Actually, Emergency Medical Services are provided by the CNAMUP Basic Institution, in cooperation with the AVIASAN Service at the Emergency Medicine Institute, the Emergency Departments of Hospitals and other medical establishments.

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