Pavel Filip: Dodon to inform partners that the memorandum with Eurasian Union has NO VALUE

The Memorandum with the Eurasian Union, which President Igor Dodon signed today, April 3rd is a document with no value. The statement was made by Prime Minister Pavel Filip, during the press conference organized by Democratic Party of Moldova.

According to Filip, Dodon must announce his partners that this is not a document with no legal effect.

"Dodon continues the war with the Euro-Atlantic. This is only a campaign to promote his own image. This agreement will have no legal effects, does not represent the country and was not signed by Moldova and does not comply with legal requirements.

Each that will try to analyse will see that this gesture is not done within the legal framework, because in Moldova, the Parliament is the supreme representative body. The Parliament approves the internal policy and the foreign policy. It is true that the president has negotiations and sign on behalf of Moldova, after which he must submit to Parliament for ratification. But the president signed it without presenting full powers and there is a misunderstanding. Dodon must inform partners that it is not a document with legal effect" , said Prime Minister Pavel Filip.

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